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Here's the Free Offer for BC Stack Members "Storyboarding a Website Welcome Video"

Have you ever wanted to create a video for your services or website? 

After many years of teaching how to develop and edit videos with a variety of different types of software, I’ve realized that the one thing holding most people back from developing a video for business is not knowing exactly what they want to say and show on screen.

Creating a design plan for what the video will look like eliminates the fear and procrastination that most people have about getting started. 

If you don’t have a structure already in place when you begin creating your video, every aspect of your video will suffer as a result. Well-planned videos look the most professional. Well-designed videos start with a script and a storyboard. 


In this training module you’ll learn how to create your message (the script) and visualize each piece of your video (the storyboard), so you can create the perfect video for your services or product.  

You will learn:

  • how to define your message and document the narration in a script
  • how to specify the visual, text, audio and interactive elements
  • why skipping the visual storyboarding process can lead to a lot of rework or having to redo an entire video
  • how research and brainstorming can make the storyboarding process go more smoothly
  • how to design a Welcome video for your website that works and why less is often more

You will also get a package of several types of video scripts you can use as templates for your own projects

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